Does it feel like your fitness results are stuck?

WODCONNECT is the best solution for tracking, coaching and managing the sport of fitness. It's free to start using!

Spending too much time on gym paperwork?

WODCONNECT is the best solution for tracking, coaching and managing the sport of fitness. It's free to start using!


Track your results

Tracking your results is important if you want to see progress. Commonly athletes feel like they aren't progressing in their strength or metcon workout results.

With WODconnect you will be able to track and visualize the progress of your fitness. At home or on-the-go.


See progress and improve

WODconnect helps you visualize your progress and keeps you motivated. Know your previous results for the WOD to figure out your goal for the workout.

With WODconnect you will improve faster.


Community of your gym

Community is an important part of the sport of fitness. Your gym is your home and we want to connect you to your fellow athletes.

Follow, cheer and comment on your community results as you grow together.

Training alone? Even if you don't belong to a gym, you can join online community of athletes following the official Main site workouts of

  • Track

    Track your progress. Get insights from results.

  • Progress

    Know what to work on next. Conquer your weaknesses.

  • Socialize

    Connect with other athletes. Build a strong community.

  • Manage

    Save time by managing your gym efficiently.


Take control of your gym

With WODconnect you can handle all your gym administrative work on one platform. We provide all the tools you need to run your gym efficiently. Your athletes are tracking their results and you can handle membership payments.

With WODconnect you'll use more time at the gym coaching than doing paperwork. Keep track on important numbers.


Improve your business

Improve your business by getting to know your athletes and their results. Familiarize yourself with your clients.

Send newsletters to athletes or start earning by selling fitness gear from our partners.


Schedule classes & sell courses

Handle overpopulated classes by using our booking system. Assign coaches to class times. Organize seminars and handle course sales.

We aim to make WODconnect the one-stop solution for all your affiliate needs.

Feature Free affiliate PRO affiliate*
Post workouts to feed
Follow athlete progress
Statistics on gym finances
Booking system 27€ / month
Send bills to athletes
Sell courses
Athlete Newsletter

*PRO affiliate price: 1.50€ / sent bill.

Pricing for gyms

Many of the features in WODconnect are free for all gyms, but if you want to handle your business effectively through WODconnect, you should start sending bills through us. Also class booking is enabled for our billing customers. You only pay for bills that you send, couldn't be simpler.

If you are interested in enabling billing for your gym, contact us.

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  • Manage

    Customer management for your gym.

  • Contact

    Send newsletters to your customers.

  • Earn

    Manage memberships and replace point-of-sales.

  • Understand

    Understanding your business with reports.

  • Coach

    Understand your athlete's workout history.

  • Reach

    Coaching not dependent on time or location.

  • Activate!

    Easily activate people to train. Motivate your gym.

  • Familiarize

    Get to know the faces behind the names. Be a better coach.

We make better athletes and gyms.